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Birding photos and trip reports by Bill Walker and Mary Wisnewski, California birders based in Santa Clara County. We've been collecting our trip reports since 1996.

Some of our favorite places to go birding include Charleston Slough and the Duck Pond in Palo Alto, Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge, and the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.

668 species photographed

Ducks, Geese, and WaterfowlGuans, Chachalacas, and CurassowsNew World QuailPheasants, Grouse, and AlliesLoonsGrebesFlamingosPenguinsAlbatrossesShearwaters and PetrelsStorm-PetrelsTropicbirdsStorksFrigatebirdsBoobies and GannetsCormorants and ShagsAnhingasPelicansHerons, Egrets, and BitternsIbises and SpoonbillsNew World VulturesOspreyHawks, Eagles, and KitesRails, Gallinules, and CootsLimpkinCranesThick-kneesStilts and AvocetsOystercatchersPlovers and LapwingsJacanasSandpipers and AlliesSkuas and JaegersAuks, Murres, and PuffinsGulls, Terns, and SkimmersSandgrousePigeons and DovesCuckoosBarn-OwlsOwlsNightjars and AlliesPotoosOilbirdSwiftsHummingbirdsTrogonsMotmotsKingfishersJacamarsNew World BarbetsToucan-BarbetsToucansWoodpeckersFalcons and CaracarasNew World and African ParrotsTypical AntbirdsAntpittasOvenbirds and WoodcreepersTyrant FlycatchersCotingasManakinsTityras and AlliesShrikesVireos, Shrike-Babblers, and ErpornisCrows, Jays, and MagpiesLarksSwallowsTits, Chickadees, and TitmiceLong-tailed TitsNuthatchesTreecreepersWrensGnatcatchersDippersKingletsLeaf WarblersCisticolas and AlliesParrotbills, Wrentit, and AlliesOld World FlycatchersThrushes and AlliesMockingbirds and ThrashersStarlingsWagtails and PipitsWaxwingsSilky-flycatchersLongspurs and Snow BuntingsNew World WarblersTanagers and AlliesNew World Buntings and SparrowsOld World BuntingsWrenthrushYellow-breasted ChatCardinals and AlliesTroupials and AlliesFinches, Euphonias, and AlliesOld World Sparrows