BirdWalker 2020 Wall Calendar

My wall calendar of bird images from North and South America is available now fromĀ my online shop at Makes a great gift!

Welcome to BirdWalker

Birding photos and trip reports by Bill Walker and Mary Wisnewski, California birders based in Santa Clara County. We've been collecting our trip reports since 1996.

Some of our favorite places to go birding include Charleston Slough and the Duck Pond in Palo Alto, Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge, and the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.

You can also see these sightings at my eBird profile.

694 species photographed

Ducks, Geese, and WaterfowlGuans, Chachalacas, and CurassowsNew World QuailPheasants, Grouse, and AlliesFlamingosGrebesPigeons and DovesSandgrouseCuckoosNightjars and AlliesPotoosOilbirdSwiftsHummingbirdsRails, Gallinules, and CootsLimpkinCranesThick-kneesStilts and AvocetsOystercatchersPlovers and LapwingsJacanasSandpipers and AlliesSkuas and JaegersAuks, Murres, and PuffinsGulls, Terns, and SkimmersTropicbirdsLoonsPenguinsAlbatrossesSouthern Storm-PetrelsNorthern Storm-PetrelsShearwaters and PetrelsStorksFrigatebirdsBoobies and GannetsAnhingasCormorants and ShagsPelicansHerons, Egrets, and BitternsIbises and SpoonbillsNew World VulturesOspreyHawks, Eagles, and KitesBarn-OwlsOwlsTrogonsMotmotsKingfishersJacamarsNew World BarbetsToucan-BarbetsToucansWoodpeckersFalcons and CaracarasNew World and African ParrotsTypical AntbirdsAntpittasOvenbirds and WoodcreepersManakinsCotingasTityras and AlliesSharpbill, Royal Flycatcher, and AlliesTyrant FlycatchersVireos, Shrike-Babblers, and ErpornisShrikesCrows, Jays, and MagpiesTits, Chickadees, and TitmiceLarksCisticolas and AlliesSwallowsLeaf WarblersLong-tailed TitsSylviid Warblers, Parrotbills, and AlliesKingletsNuthatchesTreecreepersGnatcatchersWrensDippersStarlingsMockingbirds and ThrashersThrushes and AlliesOld World FlycatchersWaxwingsSilky-flycatchersAccentorsOld World SparrowsWagtails and PipitsFinches, Euphonias, and AlliesLongspurs and Snow BuntingsOld World BuntingsNew World SparrowsWrenthrushYellow-breasted ChatTroupials and AlliesNew World WarblersCardinals and AlliesTanagers and Allies